Top 10 Restaurants In The World

The Hospitality sector has witnessed devastating setbacks for the past one-year due to measures that were put in place to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Many restaurants have shut down their operations whileothers continue to swim in financial crisis. Nevertheless, some restaurants have continued to occupy the top position in the sector. Majorities of these restaurants are spread in different parts of the continent, ranging from Latin America to Europe to the Caribbean to South Korea. On top of delicious meals and the best drinks, these restaurants house beautiful facilities that will make your vacation a notch higher.

All things considered, let’s dive into

All things considered, let’s dive into the top ten restaurants worldwide in 2021. The first restaurant on the list is Momofuku Seiobo, situated in the heart of Sydney, Australia. If you’re looking for a restaurant representing a Caribbean culture, then Momofuku Seiobo is your perfect choice. Visiting Momofuku Seiobo will give you a perfect chance to taste delicious sea urchins prepared with crisp cassava chips. Equally, Pasture Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand is everything you need if cooking with fire is what makes delights you. In this restaurant, you cannot miss getting a wood fire placed in what can be described as a multi-functional oven.

Top 10 Restaurants In The World

You’ll be entertained with sets of mood playlists and live bands on rare occasions. Food ranges from bracing cool to Wagyu to fennel pollen to rhubarb to geranium. The third on the list is Fleet Restaurant, a second restaurant from Australia to make it to the top ten. Different from Momofuku Seiobo, Fleet is found in Brunswick Heads. Strategic positioning adjacent to the New South Wales Coastline makes it a great destination for many visitors. Lasai in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is among the top restaurants on the continent, and it is possibly the best in Latin America.

Available sources indicate that Chef Rafael Costa de Silva depends on his farm produce to prepare the tastiest vegetable dishes. From flavor to packaging to the music selection, everything about Lasai is world-class. Columbia has gained widespread worldwide due to its powerful culture, but a restaurant expresses Columbian values and culture than El Chato hotel in Bogotá, Colombia. Their delicious meals are combinations of several ingredients, including avocado, cilantro, funky fermented jicama, shiitake mushrooms that come with pine, honey together with others.

If you’re looking for restaurants that will allow you to appreciate nature, then Boragó restaurant cannot miss on the list. Boragó is located on the foot of Santiago, the highest mountain in Chile. With its class-wall design, you can see the beautiful features that nature has created. Not to mention superb meals that are prepared using Chilean ingredients plus natural water. The Other restaurants that should be on this list include Mirazur in Menton, Sud in Pássaro Verde Café, Brazil, Jacinto in Uruguay, Cocina Chontal in Mexico, and nothing of Orlando’s Soufrière, Saint Lucia. In general, the list of the top restaurants on the continent is endless. There are hundreds of other top restaurants that have been left out.